China Capacity Building for Traffic Safety, Planning, and Management (ADB, 2000-2001)

Asian Development Bank contracted TTA with a project funding of USD $600,000 to provide technical assistance in Traffic Safety Management for the Transportation Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security of China.

Project Introduction:

This project started in June 2000 and was completed in October 2002.

For this project, TTA led a TA team consisting of ten specialists from Hamilton Associates and the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) and provided technical assistance to TMB of MPS to contribute to the improvement in road safety in China by:

  • raising public awareness and strengthening MPS capacity in traffic safety, planning and management;
  • helping the Government to disseminate the findings of previous ADB TAs on road safety to all People's Republic of China Provinces; and
  • assessing the needs for further capacity building in MPS and the provincial public security bureaus in terms of concepts developed under the ADB's Regional Road Safety Guidelines.

A TTA-led team provided both training and consulting services to TMB, working with their Chinese domestic consultant counterparts.

The training activities included three one-week training sessions in China covering a range of topics related to road safety issues and MPS responsibilities.  The topics covered included:

  • Traffic regulations, policing & enforcement;
  • Emergency response and contingency planning;
  • Road safety education, publicity and campaigns;
  • Driver training, testing & management;
  • Vehicle testing, inspection & management;
  • Intelligent transport systems (ITS);
  • Road accident analysis systems;
  • Urban traffic planning & management.

The training was designed to create awareness of international best practices in the technical areas for participants from each of the Chinese provincial security bureaus. In addition, senior MPS managers were given the opportunity to participate in overseas study tours aimed at providing the visualization of the theory presented during the in-China training. Further dissemination of road safety awareness had been facilitated via an audio-visual demonstration package (CD-ROM) to promote the training program.

TA team members also provided ad hoc consulting advice to Chinese colleagues within their specialist technical areas. Ultimately, the TTA-led team prepared and proposed a long-term action plan for introducing the necessary reforms and new technologies for improved road safety in China.