International Financial Institutions Founded

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CIDA Projects

  • China Western Roads Development Project (2001-2008)
    CIDA contributed $5.6 million to provide training and technical assistance in urban and village road construction and development in western China. VIEW MORE
  • China Intermodal Transport Services to the Interior Provinces (2000-2007)
    CIDA contributed $7 million, assisting the interior provinces in China to improve intermodal transportation services by training selected management and technical personnel in Canada and providing technical assistance by Canadian specialists.VIEW MORE
  • China Comprehensive Transport Management Training Project (1993-2002)
    CIDA contributed $16 million to provide training, tour study and technical assistance focusing on transportation policy-making, multi modal transportation planning management and operations.VIEW MORE
  • Philippines Private Enterprise Accelerated Resources Linkages Project (PEARL) Phase II  (2002-2008)
    CIDA contributed $8.6 million to work with Business Support Organizations (BSOs) and Investment Promotion Centres (IPCs) to support small and medium enterprise (SME) development and create jobs that contribute to the poverty reduction in the Philippines.VIEW MORE

ADB Projects

  • China Capacity Building for Traffic Safety, Planning, and Management (ADB, 2000-2001)
    Asian Development Bank contributed US $600,000 to provide Traffic Safety Management training and study tour for the Transportation Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security of China. VIEW MORE
  • Malaysia: "Training Needs Assessment And Training Academy Study" (1995) for Malaysia Airports Berhad (MAB). This project was done in conjunction with the Vancouver International Airport Authority.
  • Mongolia: "Institutional Strengthening of the Road Sector Project" (ADB - T.A. No. 2380)
    TTA supplied a Human Resource Development Specialist to prepare an HRD plan for the road sector.
  • Vietnam: "Institutional Strengthening of the Vietnam Roads Administration"
    TTA supplied consultants for the implementation of a transportation policy training program for senior staff and directors of the Vietnam Road Administration.





World Bank Projects


TTA has been providing services to many clients for short-term overseas training and study tours since 1996. Most of these training and study tour programs were funded by World Bank Loan Projects. Some of the projects that TTA designed, managed and delivered for its international clients.

  • Fujian, China: Expressway Operations and Management Overseas Training  and Study Tour (2007)
    World Bank Fujian Provincial Highway Loan Project II (LN: 4502-CHA)
  • Fujian, China: Highway Safety Design and Management Overseas Training (2004)
    World Bank Fujian Provincial Highway Loan Project II (LN: 4502-CHA)
  • Fujian, China: Highway Environmental Protection and Management Study Tour (2004)
    World Bank Fujian Provincial Highway Loan Project II (LN: 4502-CHA)
  • Fujian, China: Highway Human Resource Development and Management Overseas Training (2002)
    World Bank Fujian Provincial Highway Loan Project I (LN: 3681-CHA)
  • Guangdong, China: Highway Traffic Engineering, Planning and Management (2002)
  • Guangdong, China: Expressway Operation and Management Study Tour (2001)
  • Guangdong, China: Expressway Project Planning and Management Overseas Training (1999)
  • Hebei, China: Highway Human Resource Development Management Overseas Training (1998)
  • Shenyang, China: Hazardous Waste Management (1997)
  • Yunnan, China: The Development of Highways and the Quality Control of Construction (1996)

With other IFI’s support, TTA delivered training initiatives in other countries, to name a few:

  • Trinidad and Tobago: "Comprehensive Road Maintenance Study" (IDB)
    NDLI was the lead company. TTA was retained to conduct an institutional training needs assessment from which a five-year training strategy was developed.
  • Tanzania: "Integrated Roads Project" (IBRD)
    TTA supplied consultants for an institutional strengthening project in the transport sector involving the National Institute of Transport and the Morogoro Works Training Institute; for the Ministry of Transport and Communications
  • Myanmar: "Myanmar Comprehensive Transport Study" (IBRD)
    TTA supplied consultants for a transportation policy training component for the Transport Department of the Institute Technology Mara
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